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lol monday in bio, theres this girl who always sits behind me
shes loud, and has a kinda annoying voice, and like i dont talk to her much but when i do shes nice, and quite real.
but anyway, harry (my friend) picked up the book she had on her desk and started reading from the page she had bookmarked. She took it back, flipped somewhere else and told him to read. He began reading out loud. Turns out it was quite a steamy section. At one poit his eyes lit up and he stopped reading out loud, lol his voice kinda faded off...
So that led us to talking about sex, and when i told her i hadnt had sex with anyone she goes
"You mean like, you havent fucked him yet?"
"nope, I haven't fucked him :)."
"Well what the hell are you waitin' for? Armageddon?!"
"hhahahahaha i dunno, maybe. depends on when i'm ready or want to or whatever."
"damn girl.."

its very hard for people to believe i dont shag winston, lol.

and this just sparked an idea. i think i'm making a shirt now that says "Waiting for Armageddon"

Thats Me.

-the Defective-
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